Collection: Custom Cut FR4 plate service

Please message me using the chat function for approval before purchasing this item. Also please provide us with these information - (Preferably on Discord for a faster response). 
  • These are NOT in-stock and are made to order. 
  • Lead times are 2-3 weeks from production date.
  • You can choose previous custom cut files I've made on the list. If it is not in the list, you will be responsible in providing the file. Hypekeyboards will not be responsible for any issues with the plate with your file.
  • Customizations such as flex-cuts, designs addons, or any other modification requests are available. (Plate files provided by Hypekeyboards are tested and are confirmed to be working. Boards not on the list will be checked prior to production but no prototype plates will be made.)
  • Colors will be available in black. White will cost more to produce.
  • Due to the smaller MOQ and higher cost of manufacturing, shipping and duties. One-offs are a little expensive than the prices you see in store. 
  • Depening on the plate, adding the gold aesthetic trims take hours to make therefore NOT ALL REQUESTS WILL BE APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION.
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