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TGR Backplates R2 - Closed

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Backplates for the TGR 910 and TGR Jane ME.

Materials available

  • Stainless Steel Mirror Polished PVD (R2)
  • Forged Carbon Fiber
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Heat treated patina on SS - limited qty

Additional Information

  • All weights will have matching M3 screws included
  • 2 or more weights purchased will include a free FR4 backplate for the 910me
  • 910 ME wont have the middle screws just like the R1 batch.
  • Heat treatment requires metal prep such as sandblasting and metal polishing by hand by me which reflects the price.  Aftermarket patina's costs well over $200 for the service itself. See attached photo for what it would look like as a reference. Not all heat treated backweights will be the same. Some variation will apply so not all weight will look the same nor will look exactly like the sample photo.
  • Tomo Backplates - SOON tm

Shipping information

  • GB will run until June 11, 2023 and will take 8-10 weeks to produce. Delays may occur.
  • Cancellations after the GB end date is not allowed. Requests 

Due to copyright, these will not come with the TGR logo. The weight sample shown below is a personal unit and will not be sold - no questions asked.