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  • 1.6mm thickness
  • FR4 is Modular - Can be converted into half plate and vice versa by cutting the retention bridges with a flush cutter.  If needed, I can cut the plate into a half plate - just enter your request on the provided text space. 
  • POM - Will have micro scratches that does not affect functionality. 
  • PP - Much less relief cuts as it is flexy enough even without the cuts. 
  • Modifier stabilizers can be taken out without desoldering the whole board. 
  • Works with stock O-rings. 
  • Laser Cut plates will be made in ANSI by default. Tsangan bottom row/ 6.25 + 7u spacebar support (if applicable).  Modifications available upon requests.
  • Please read the Quality Standard and Terms and Conditions before placing an order. By purchasing, you agree and understand the conditions.

Hype Keyboards is not affiliated with Geonworks, this is considered a third party plate commission.