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FR4 Custom Cut Service

Temporarily not taking new orders. 

Hello! I'm happy to provide the community of custom cut service for FR4 plates!

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Terms and Conditions 

1.) You have to message me first, preferably on Discord (HypeKeyboards#0001) for faster response or at This is so I can check for availability to give you a more specific lead time and customizations you may need and more. 

2.) You may or may not need to provide me a plate file for your board. If needed, you are responsible for providing the correct file. Hypekeyboards will not be responsible for any issues in regards to compatibility with the plate - I may not own the board you are looking for. 

3.) Depending on the design of the plate and the amount of current workload, designing will take hours to make, even days. This means that NOT ALL REQUESTS WILL BE APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION. We can only take a few requests at a time. There is little to no profit for these runs because of the very small order amount, shipping and duties. I will try to accommodate each request accordingly.

4.) Colors will be limited to black and white - white will cost more to make.

5.) These are NOT IN- STOCK. These are made to order with a lead time of 2-3 weeks from the production order (Not the order purchase date - I will provide a more specific lead time).

6.) Plate are standard 1.6mm thick.

7.) Some plate designs from previous orders are ready for re-production. Check the order form for pre-filled custom order forms and some pictures of the plates!

Thanks for taking your time to read!